Root canal treatment.


Root canal treatment.

A tooth is much more than the enamelled surface you see. A cavity that’s not treated in time, or that degenerates the tooth deeply, can infect the root.

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The treatment process.

Des bactéries s’infiltrent au-delà de la carie et attaquent les canaux pulpaires. Dans le cas d’inflammation, l’endodontie traite et permet un développement normal de la dent. Le traitement de canal est le plus couramment utilisé pour éliminer l’infection et conserver la dent en évitant l’extraction. Grâce à des appareils à la fine pointe de la technologie et aux soins de Dre Zeina Abou-Khalil les traitements se font en douceur. S’il faut protéger la dent fragilisée avec une couronne ou un implant, d’autres séances seront recommandées.

DrZeina-traitements-THE INFECTED TOOTH

The infected tooth

In case of an infected or broken tooth, a root canal treatment might be necessary to save it.

The opening in the tooth

The dentist will perform an incision, using local anesthesia to ease the access to the pulp chamber and the root system.

Dental pulp cleaning

This step consists in removing infected or dead tissues and cleaning the root canal to widen it and shape it, and in order to facilitate the filling process.


The canal is completely obturated with a natural insulating material to prevent saliva from infiltrating the pulp chamber and the root system.


In the last step the structure, function and esthetics of the tooth are restored with a porcelain crown or a metallic alloy.

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In case of emergency

In a dental emergency situation, Dr. Zeina Abou-Khalil is available to provide patients with all necessary care and relieve pain as quickly as possible.